Urth Caffe - Daikanyama

3.9 - 478 reviews

Brunch Bliss and Coffee Delights

This cafe is a gem for brunch and coffee enthusiasts. Renowned for its Egg Benedict pancakes and a Western-inspired savory twist, it’s a top choice for many. The coffee, highlighted as the best in Tokyo by customers, comes with options like large sizes and soy milk. Smoothies and matcha lattes also receive rave reviews. The mix berry pancakes and matcha boba are particularly praised for their exceptional taste. The cafe offers a pleasant terrace, ample indoor seating, and a welcoming vibe that includes laptop use and Wi-Fi—perfect for a sunny retreat. While some find the menu more simplified compared to earlier years, the large portions and diverse drink choices make it a worthwhile visit.

laptop friendly cafe Tokyo Urth Caffe - Daikanyama
laptop friendly cafe Tokyo Urth Caffe - Daikanyama
laptop friendly cafe Tokyo Urth Caffe - Daikanyama
laptop friendly cafe Tokyo Urth Caffe - Daikanyama
laptop friendly cafe Tokyo Urth Caffe - Daikanyama

What does this cafe have to offer...

Brunch and Lunch Options

Enjoy a variety of brunch and lunch dishes, including the highly recommended Egg Benedict pancakes and mix berry pancakes.

Great Coffee

Savor some of the best coffee in Tokyo, with options like americano and soy milk alternatives.

Delicious Smoothies

Treat yourself to our highly praised smoothies, which are a favorite among visitors.

Side Dishes

Customize your meals with a variety of side dishes like bacon and avocado.

Extensive Drink Menu

Choose from a wide selection of drinks including tea lattes, matcha lattes, and unique coffee concoctions.

Large Portions

Enjoy large and filling portions, perfect for a satisfying meal.

Terrace Seating

Relax in our pleasant terrace seating area and catch some sun until around 3PM.

Indoor Seating and WiFi

Large indoor seating area available. WiFi and laptop use are allowed, making it a great spot to work or study.

Cute Latte Art

Our lattes come with adorable latte art that adds a touch of fun to your coffee experience.

Variety of Dietary Options

We offer flexible dietary options including soy milk and other substitutions to cater to your preferences.
laptop friendly cafe background

Cafe Features

Accepts reservations
Great tea selection
Organic dishes
Outdoor seating
Parking available
Wheelchair friendly

Directions to Urth Caffe - Daikanyama