Cafe Macho

4.3 - 1095 reviews

Rock and Relax Haven

Experience a unique and cozy ambiance at our cafe, perfect for work or relaxation. Whether you're drawn in by the rebellious vibe, adorned with film and music posters, or the lounge rock and heavy metal tunes, there's something for everyone. Our Viennese cappuccino and iced Americano are among the favorite drinks, complemented perfectly by our must-try fried dumplings, crisp outside and juicy inside. Plenty of outlets and comfortable seating make it ideal for digital nomads, and our welcoming atmosphere ensures you'll want to return. While it's cash only and the service could use a bit of a boost, our good food, friendly staff, and great musical vibe make it worth every visit. Don't miss out on this guting gem!

laptop friendly cafe Taipei Cafe Macho
laptop friendly cafe Taipei Cafe Macho
laptop friendly cafe Taipei Cafe Macho
laptop friendly cafe Taipei Cafe Macho
laptop friendly cafe Taipei Cafe Macho

What does this cafe have to offer...

Work-Friendly Environment

Perfect for laptop work with plenty of outlets for your phone and computer. The atmosphere is quiet and respectful, making it ideal for work nomads and startup entrepreneurs.

Vibrant Music Scene

The café features an eclectic mix of lounge rock and heavy metal music, enhancing the ambiance whether you are working or relaxing.

Comfortable Seating

Cozy and comfortable seats, reminiscent of a Berlin vibe. Additionally, each seat comes equipped with power sockets, ensuring you stay charged up.

Diverse Beverage Options

The menu includes a variety of beverages such as Viennese cappuccino with sweet cream, iced Americano, good coffee, and teas.

Delicious Food

Try the highly recommended fried dumplings, crisp on the outside and juicy inside, along with other savory foods and cakes at the counter.

Unique Decor

An intriguing decor with books, film and music posters on the walls, creating a rock and roll attitude and a rebellious vibe.


Outdoor seating available for smokers, giving them a place to relax while enjoying their coffee and snacks.

Sustainable Practices

Environmentally conscious with the use of metal straws for iced coffee and other drinks.

Friendly Staff

Staff are friendly and accommodating, contributing to a relaxing and enjoyable experience.
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Cafe Features

Cash only
Dogs allowed
Late-night food
Outdoor seating
Parking available
Wheelchair friendly

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