Café „My Story“

4.5 - 152 reviews

Cozy and Delightful Atmosphere

Despite its small size, Café "My Story" offers a warm and inviting atmosphere that will make you feel right at home. The quaint layout creates a cozy setting perfect for catching up with friends or enjoying some quiet time alone.

laptop friendly cafe Skopje Café „My Story“
laptop friendly cafe Skopje Café „My Story“
laptop friendly cafe Skopje Café „My Story“
laptop friendly cafe Skopje Café „My Story“
laptop friendly cafe Skopje Café „My Story“

What does this cafe have to offer...

Consistency in Taste

At Café "My Story," you can always expect a great cup of coffee. Although some reviewers mention occasional inconsistencies, the majority agree that the drinks are consistently flavorful and enjoyable. Whether you prefer a strong espresso or a refreshing juice, their menu has something for everyone.

Friendly and Attentive Staff

The team at Café "My Story" is known for their kindness and exceptional service. They go out of their way to ensure that each customer feels welcomed and appreciated. Their dedication to customer satisfaction is truly commendable.

Delicious Treats

In addition to their stellar drinks, Café "My Story" also serves a variety of mouthwatering desserts. While some reviewers mention minor inconsistencies in the desserts, many appreciate the effort put into creating these delectable treats. Treat yourself to a slice of cake or a pastry to accompany your hot beverage.

A Forgiving Experience

Although there might be occasional hiccups in service, the overall quality of Café "My Story" makes it easy to overlook any shortcomings. Customers have forgiven minor delays and confusion due to the consistently great coffee and fresh juice options.

A Charming Hideaway

Despite the negative experience shared by a few regulars, Café "My Story" remains a charming hideaway where you can escape the hustle and bustle of the outside world. Allow yourself to be transported into a cozy retreat where you can savor delicious drinks and relax without any worries.
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Cafe Features

Accepts reservations
Bar on site
Credit Cards
Credit cards
Family friendly
High chairs
Outdoor seating
Parking available
Wheelchair friendly

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