Champ Coffee 2nd Workroom

4.4 - 530 reviews

Top-Tier Coffee and Cozy Vibes

Discover one of Korea's top specialty coffee spots where high-acidity blends and velvety espresso take center stage. Nestled in a quiet, intimate area of Itaewon, this cafe offers a hipster vibe with exceptional cortados, flat whites, and the unique 'Queen's coffee.' Guests rave about the chilled atmosphere, the delightful sound of coffee being made, and the standout cookies with their chewy texture and enticing flavors. Whether you're a coffee aficionado or just someone who enjoys a good cup, this cafe is highly recommended for its outstanding quality and welcoming ambiance.

laptop friendly cafe Seoul Champ Coffee 2nd Workroom
laptop friendly cafe Seoul Champ Coffee 2nd Workroom
laptop friendly cafe Seoul Champ Coffee 2nd Workroom

What does this cafe have to offer...

Specialty Coffee

Enjoy some of the best specialty coffee in Korea, known for its high acidity blend (Option C) and unique flavor profiles. Three different beans to choose from, including the exclusive 'Talk Blending' beans.

Delicious Cookies

Our cookies are a highlight, featuring a great chewy texture and various delightful flavors. Perfect to enjoy with your coffee or to take home as an extra treat.

Signature Drinks

Try our signature drinks like the 'Queen's Coffee' and the 'Champ Coffee', along with other delightful espresso beverages. Our flat white is specifically renowned.

Rich Hot Chocolate

Indulge in our thick and rich hot chocolate which is perfectly balanced and not overly sweet.

Casual and Chill Atmosphere

Relax in a casual, music-free environment where the only sound you hear is the making of coffee. Perfect for a quiet coffee break.

Hipster Vibe

Experience a cool, intimate setting with a hipster vibe in the heart of Itaewon, complete with excellent jazz music.

Excellent Service

While interaction with baristas is minimal, the service is efficient. Our atmosphere is designed for a quick, enjoyable visit.
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Cafe Features

Accepts reservations
Credit cards
Outdoor seating
Parking available
Wheelchair friendly

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