California Coffee Company

4.2 - 1918 reviews

Coffee, Comfort, and Chill Vibes

Experience a delightful blend of good coffee, comfortable seating, and a welcoming atmosphere at our café. Reviewers rave about our well-balanced brews, from smooth espressos to rich lattes, and our delectable food options, including peach muffins and bagel tuna. It's the perfect spot for working, studying, or simply relaxing, thanks to solid WiFi and ample power outlets. The friendly staff, cozy environment, and stylish decor make it a place where you can feel at home. Whether you're a local or just passing through, this café offers a great escape with a friendly ambiance that will keep you coming back.

laptop friendly cafe Budapest California Coffee Company
laptop friendly cafe Budapest California Coffee Company
laptop friendly cafe Budapest California Coffee Company
laptop friendly cafe Budapest California Coffee Company
laptop friendly cafe Budapest California Coffee Company

What does this cafe have to offer...

Delicious Coffee and Tasty Treats

Our cafe offers a variety of flavorful coffee options made from high-quality beans sourced from the best roasters in California. Enjoy a range of drinks from classic drip coffee to specialty lattes, cappuccinos, and mochas. Pair your coffee with our delicious peach muffins, cheesecake, bagels, ciabatta, and vegan plum cakes.

Comfortable and Cozy Atmosphere

Experience a relaxing ambiance with modern art pieces decorating our walls. The cafe features comfortable seating arrangements, including cozy corners, quiet nooks, and a large communal table, making it the perfect spot for studying, working, or simply chilling. Our elegant sofas and spacious, clean toilets add to your comfort.

Ideal for Work and Study

With solid WiFi, numerous power outlets, and a laid-back atmosphere, our cafe is ideal for students and professionals who need a productive space to work or study. Whether you are editing videos or just surfing the web, you can count on our facilities to support your needs.

Dog-Friendly Environment

Bring along your furry friends! Our cafe is dog-friendly, making it a welcoming space for pet owners. Enjoy your coffee while your dog relaxes by your side.

Variety of Food Options

Satisfy your taste buds with a diverse menu that includes sandwiches, bagels, ciabatta, cookies, and an assortment of cakes. Our food is prepared with quality ingredients and is perfect for a snack or a meal.
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Cafe Features

Accepts reservations
Credit Cards
Credit cards
Debit cards
Dogs allowed
Free Wi-Fi
High chairs
Late-night food
Mobile payments
Outdoor seating
Parking available
Prepared foods
Vegan options
Vegetarian options
Wheelchair friendly

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